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Meet the American Wire Group Team

Mr. Robert 'Bob' Dorfman

Mr. Robert "Bob" Dorfman, CEO is an effective leader qualified with over 40 years experience in the electrical industry. Mr. Dorfman's record of success in both product management and ecommerce business development has helped AWG's and their customers and vendors improve profitability and innovative technology solutions. His domestic and international long term partnering, including customers, vendors and staff, continue to contribute to his strategic long-term success. Prior to American Wire Group, Mr. Dorfman was the president of King Wire, Inc. in Chicago and president of King Wire and Cable in New York.

Mr. Norman Russell

Mr. Norman Russell, Executive Vice President has 32 years experience in Utility Cable engineering, sales management. Prior to AWG, he has worked at Okonite, Pirelli and CM Cable (now CME), in engineering, distribution management, strategic sourcing, manufacturing and business development. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, cable engineering, supply chain management, spend analysis, procurement, sales and marketing management, organizational and management analytics, quality management, product management/design, budget and financial management. Mr. Russell has in depth market knowledge of electrical utilities, wind/solar, primary metals industry, federal government, state and local government, industrial construction, mining and mass transit industries. Mr. Russell has been in executive management positions and dealt with international companies for 28 years.

Mr. Michael Dorfman

Mr. Michael Dorfman, President joined the team in 2003. Mr. Dorfman specializes in sales and marketing to AWG's utility customers and manages vendor alliance programs. He continues to successfully expand marketing efforts to existing customers and implements programs to grow business through multiple business development channels. Michael graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. with a Bachelor of Science in business administration with concentrations in marketing and finance.

Mr. Joshua Dorfman

Mr. Joshua Dorfman, VP Marketing & Sales joined the team in 2007. Mr. Dorfman works directly with clients, and helps to manage the company's strategic efforts in the renewable energy and transmission industries. His areas of expertise include Renewable Power Generation, business development, sales and marketing management, corporate risk analysis and Lean Six-Sigma quality management. Mr. Dorfman holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and International Marketing from the George Washington University and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago's Quinlan School of Business.

Mr. Gerry Goodin

Mr. Gerry Goodin, CPA Ontario, has more than 35 years experience in a wide range of leadership, management and advisory positions. In his role as Chief Financial Officer and Accountant, Gerry provides AWG with timely and accurate financial reporting, ongoing cash flow projections, accounting and finance operations oversight, cultivation of key financial and vendor partnerships, as well as design and maintenance of the company’s financial reporting structures. In addition to his accounting and finance functions, Gerry offers broad management, internal control and strategic advice to SEOBrand leadership. His success as a business advisor is built on a foundation of considerable leadership experience as the founder of and advisor to a number of retail and wholesale organizations in a broad range of product and service industries. Gerry holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance from Concordia University, is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and is a Certified Intuit Pro Advisor.

Mrs. Maria Dlagnekova

Mrs. Maria Dlagnekova, Vice President Technical Support, brings to the company 35 years of engineering management experience in power generation, power systems design and grid integration. Prior to AWG, Maria was Director, Engineering with EDF Renewable Energy. She was managing a multi-discipline engineering team including civil, structural, electrical and SCADA/communications responsible for design and implementation of more than 4500 MW wind and solar projects. Maria has expertise in leading operation and maintenance and plant engineering of large industrial facilities in Europe and Africa as well as in procurement of equipment and materials. Maria earned her Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in Technical University – Sofia, Bulgaria and Social Management in University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ms. Alla Gerenshteyn

Ms. Alla Gerenshteyn, VP Caribbean Sales,has been a member of the AWG team for over 16 years. Ms. Gerenshteyn graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a BS in Accounting and a Masters in Taxation. Over the years she effectively implemented a process for inside sales support, which complements the outside sales group by efficiently supporting purchasing agents who contact AWG directly to request a quote for a spot buy or an immediate order. She is an expert on every aspect of the ISO certification. Ms. Gerenshteyn successfully initiated and maintained a Quality Assurance Program for AWG and later helped AWG transition to new ISO standards 9001:2015. Most recently, she launched a new division specializing in electrical materials other than wire and cable, transforming AWG from a niche company into a complete energy solution for its customers. Commencing with the devastating storms in the Caribbean, Ms. Gerenshteyn has now turned her focus to providing product and support to the pressing needs of the Caribbean market, swiftly moving an extraordinary amount of electrical material from factories and warehouses to where it is needed the most.

Mr. William Brewer

Mr. William Brewer, Director of Renewables,joined the team in 2014. Mr. Brewers’ experience within theElectrical Industry spans 15 years in sales, sales management, andConstruction and material estimation with a focus on Contractor andIndustrial Sales, Renewable Energy and the Oil and Gas Industry. Mr.Brewer has traveled throughout North America working with Utilities,Municipalities, Co-Ops , Developers and Contractors ensuring promptproduct delivery and customer satisfaction. He has attended andexhibited at numerous Electrical Trade Shows including IEEE, REPC, NECA,Power Gen, AWEA, CANWEA, DistribuTech, CoalGen, PCIC, NWPPA, and theAlaska Utility Conference.

Mr. Michael Blaha

Mr. Michael Blaha,, Director of Utility Sales, is responsible for sales and marketing of all AWG wire and cable products to the Electrical Utilities in North America and to expand high-voltage underground cable sales. He has 26 years of industry experience. He previously worked for Nexans High Voltage USA, Inc., as its northeast and mid-atlantic regional sales manager for high voltage land cables and responsible for subsea cable and installation in North America. He was previously in charge of the high-voltage and specialty cable group at Marmon Utility – Kerite, as its global sales manager. He previously served in multiple sales management roles at FCI-Burndy. He holds a degree in earth science and mathematics from Southern Connecticut State University.

Mr. Diego Ocampo

Mr. Diego Ocampo,, Sales Director, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Sales Director, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, joined the team in 2017, to support the restoration of power in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, and to focus on growing and developing the Caribbean market. Mr. Ocampo has more than 25 years of experience as an accomplished sales executive in all phases of marketing, distribution and management, and is experienced in multichannel product distribution. Mr. Ocampo has previously worked for Anixter and Centelsa, concentrating on the electrical sector in the Caribbean and Latin America (Utilities, General Contractors, Gas & Oil, EPC’s, Master electrical distributors, OEM) for all types of projects, and for all the energy channels, including Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

Mr. Dan Larsen

Mr. Dan Larsen, President of DanCable ApS located in Denmark, has 30 years experience within Sales Management, Engineering and Product Management, with positions as Vice President for Wind in Draka with a global Sales responsibility and as Global Sales Director for Renewables within Prysmian Group. His area of expertise is finding cost effective solutions for the customers via his global network and understanding of the applications within Wind and Solar. Mr. Larsen has in depth knowledge of the Market in Europe for Construction/Utilities/Industrial/Offshore-Marine. Via the Executive positions in Draka and Prysmian Mr. Larsen has dealt with Global Companies for 10 years.

Mr. Leonard Lapointe

Mr. Leonard Lapointe, President/CEO of Amecan Agency has 40 years of experience and active participation in all phases of the electrical Industry. He has held executive and management positions for sales and marketing involving manufacturing (Pirelli & K&L Cable), distribution (V.P. Anixter Canada) and consulting firms, servicing all types of industries across North America and Europe. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Montreal University and a Bachelor's in International trading from McGill University.

Mr. Robert Edge

Mr. Robert Edge, Field Application Technician and Power Cable Forensics has 30 years of experience in the power engineering industry, now serving as AWG's Field Applications Tech. During his career, Mr. Edge worked for 3M in helping industrial clients develop, train and deploy power cable hardware in low, medium and high voltage applications. After 3M, Mr. Edge was a director at Medium Voltage Service Group where his technical skills were used by his clients to remedy installation issues in the field, perform forensic analysis on cable failure and perform engineering services. As AWG's application engineer, Mr. Edge is responsible for ensuring the proper use of AWG's cables and providing field engineering on wind generation facilities.

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