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What to Consider for Wind Turbine & Solar Power Cables

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American Wire Group delivers comprehensive wire and cable solutions at competitive prices. No matter how complex your cable-related projects are, experts at our regional distribution centers are prepared to help in both small and large-scale capacities. As a trusted partner in the energy industry, we routinely reduce outages, source difficult-to-find products, customize cables for clients, and more.

This blog will discuss how to select the correct cable for renewable energy applications, as well as the optimal solutions we offer for the wind and solar power industries. 


Choose the Proper Cable for Renewable Energy Sources

The renewable energy sector involves many cable applications that face unique challenges. Wind turbines and solar power components are subject to extreme weather conditions and can be located in remote, inaccessible areas that make transmitting power difficult. Thus, it is essential to select the ideal cable type for applications in these industries. 

Here are some specific considerations for wind turbine cables:

  • Enhanced mechanical properties: Wind turbine towers can be up to a few hundred feet tall. These heights affect cable length, so selecting cables with higher tensile strength is important. Cables should also have good torsional attributes and resist oil and flame. 
  • Insulation: Harsh environmental conditions around wind farms often call for specific insulation. Insulated wires offer protection against voltage stresses, can operate over a wide temperature range, and better withstand mechanical abuse to the wire such as abrasion and bending.
  • Conductor: Both size and material of the conductor are integral considerations for wind turbine cables. Aluminum cables are increasingly replacing copper cables as tower and base components because aluminum is cheaper and 60% lighter. 

The solar power industry also requires high-performance cables. When selecting the best type of solar power cables, consider these factors: 

  • Type: There are several types of solar wires, and each is best suited to a specific function. For example, single-wire cables are best for domestic electrical applications. Other types include triple-wire or five-wire cables, which work better for large-scale operations.
  • Rating: A rating chart shows how many amps a cable can safely handle. Higher ratings ensure fewer voltage drops and a reduced chance of overheating. 
  • Conductor size: The size of a conductor is defined by conductor cross-sectional area, not diameter. Thicker cables can transmit higher currents and voltages. 
  • Length: Proper cable length also reduces voltage drop and maintains safe transmission. 


The Best Cables for Energy Systems by American Wire Group

American Wire Group carries an extensive selection of cables for any operation in the renewable energy industry. We carry low voltage cables, medium voltage cables, control cables, grounding wires, transmission wire, aluminum photovoltaic wire, copper photovoltaic wire, and fiber optic communication cables to meet the demands of highly challenging applications. Our cables are available in copper and aluminum, with several jacket types. If you’re unsure which cable is best suited to your needs, our knowledgeable experts can help you select the best one. 


Reliable Cable Solutions from American Wire Group

The renewable energy industry relies heavily on cables for wind turbines and solar-powered components, which are frequently located in remote areas and exposed to extreme weather. These applications present many challenges and demand dependable, high-performing cables. 

American Wire Group provides expert solutions for these industries. We’re devoted to our customers throughout every step of their project, from the development phase to construction to future on-site servicing. To see our complete product offerings, check out our online catalog. If you have any questions or would like to get started on a solution, contact us today.